RSPCA Assured project - Illustrations for the recipes

As part of my university studies, I had to find work with a client where I found my style of illustration would be fitting and also a field I would like to work in. I reached out to RSPCA Assured with the idea of using my illustration to add more creativity and home made approach to the recipes cards they have online. I was very drawn to their campaign called 'Eat less, Eat better' which is a meal planner and helps people to cut down on the consumption of meat. They also swap certain products like eggs, and chicken breasts for RSPCA Assured products instead. I wanted to be part of this campaign and help push this forward which is why we went with the idea of illustrating these recipes.  

My original brief that I pitched to them was to create a spot illustration to go in the corner of each recipe card to illustrate the ingredients that will be needed to make the recipe. From experimenting and creating different sketches of food items, I had drawn out chopped versions of the food items which gave me the idea of creating a border design for each recipe, being unique with the chopped up items of the recipe. We later decided that a full page illustrations of what the finished meal would look like was beneficial to add alongside the recipes. This then lead to the creation of the digital book. 


To find out more about the project view my story on the RSPCA Assured website where you can also download the recipe book for yourself. Click the link to see more.


These illustrations were created by pencil sketches which I then added outlines and detail with fine liners. Once I had the traditional sketch of the design I would then scan the illustrations onto the computer and worked on them through Photoshop. I used Photoshop to add colour to my illustrations with the use of their digital brushes which then lead to the final outcomes of my illustrations.    

This was a project that

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