RMS Beauty Re-brand Packaging and Advertisement project

This project was to re-brand the company which included re-designing their packaging, labels and logo. This make-up brand is cruelty free and uses all organic and natural ingredients within their products. By illustrating all the organic ingredients in their original form, this shows customers what sort of product they are buying and what it includes. Keeping the design very minimal with just black fine liner studies to go with the current theme they are aiming for. This design idea was carried through on every product, with the design created from the organic ingredients. The logo has slightly changed by having the RMS in colour and the beauty in black to push the name forward and sits better on packaging. I had the RMS in different shades of green to emphasis the natural side of the company with greens representing nature. By re-branding the company I then created an advertisement poster to promote the new re-branding that the company has while promoting that they are a cruelty free brand and use only organic and natural ingredients. The poster included the same theme of natural illustrations in the background and the new RMS Beauty logo. The idea was to enlarge the size of the words that were relevant to that would first been seen once looking at the poster. This lets people see what the company is selling, what they do and what is in their product.    

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