Hi my name is Bethan Louise Brook and I am a Welsh based illustrator with the passion for animals and nature, being my main inspiration for creating illustrations. Nature has always been my subject matter and a place that sparks creativity, inspiring my style of detailed line work. My medium of choice to work in for capturing detail is fine liners as they can also be used to add depth to my illustrations with the use of lines and dots. I work with watercolours which is my preferred choice for when i add colour to my illustrations as most of my illustrations are black and white. When I study animals and nature I always look for finer details and patterns, capturing them in my illustrations by showing its full beauty through each line. 


My recent interest is mainly on the endangerment of animals and finding a way of using my illustrations to be able to create awareness to help stop the endangerment of these animals. I have also been looking into the different types of habitats these endangered animals live in and I love getting to explore new plants that I have never seen before and create studies.  

Art has always been my main interest in life with members of my family coming from art related backgrounds which has inspired me to learn more. Art was the main subjects I chose in comprehensive school, wanting to study every form from art and design to product design and even performing arts. Once I had left school it was a confusing time for me knowing what I wanted to do next and knew that art was the way for me to go. I then went onto college and studied art and design there for two years which then lead me to study illustration at the University of South Wales Trinity Saint David Swansea. This is where I really began to explore all the possibilities of illustration and what fields I wanted to create artwork for. Working as an illustrator means I can forever always be learning new things and I love the idea of that. 

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